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Update on Census

Census counting is almost finished but it is critical that people who still have not been counted to visit the website or to

Social Security turns 85 years old

Social Security has been providing financial support to seniors for 85 years. Hear where SS stands today and what AARP is suggesting it’s members

Well Water and Arsenic

Residents of Maine and New Hampshire rely heavily on private wells for their drinking water, but how safe is that water? Few have their

Eat less to live longer. Maybe.

Dietary restriction and intermittent fasting have been demonstrated to prolong lifespan and delay the onset of age-related degenerative diseases in model animals. Learn more


Caregiving can be doing a few tasks for an aging or ill loved one or it can be all encompassing if the person requires


About 750,000 people have a stroke in the United States each year. But, stroke is one medical event that can be prevented. Learn how

Coronavirus and mental health 

These are crazy times. With so much terrifying information about coronavirus, it is easy to have anxiety or depression. This show will give you


There is never a shortage of scams and the current pandemic is not exception. Scammers are out there taking advantage of the public’s fears.

Importance of 2020 Census

The Census count affects your representation in government and determines how much funding your community receives. It is almost time to be counted. It